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Quilting with your embroidery machine AG 2024 Sheila Ryan and Alexis Galloway

QUILTING =  different processes:
Quilting can be PIECING or PATCHWORK putting pieces of fabric together (chopping perfectly good fabric up and sewing it together)
Quilting can be layering fabric together and sewing it to itself (APPLIQUE)
Quilting can be layering fabric and a cushioning or warmth layer together and stitching it to become one (QUILTING)
QUILTING encompasses many areas of fabric fun. A “quilted” item usually has at least two layers, often with a third batting or wadding layer in the middle for additional structure. This additional middle layer can be for warmth or simply to give body and shape to the finished project. But what happens if you add an embroidery machine into the mix? All of the sudden you have a tool at your disposal that takes QUILTING (all aspects of it!) to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

 Machine Embroidery ELEVATES the entire quilting experience!
Embroidery Machine patchwork Piecing
Foundation piecing
Applique Embellishments
Reverse Applique
Embroidering on squares to be pieced together later.
Embroidery Machine QUILTING Quilting as you go making blocks that are QUILTED before being pieced together. Quilting in the hoop
“QUILTING” QUILTING Tools and Techniques (bonding those Quilt Sandwiches together with stitching)

Magnetic Hoops
Dealing with the bulk of the quilt (How big can you reasonably quilt on your embroidery machine?) Placement techniques (do a little math!)
Brother users Alexis

Getting Started with Quilting on your embroidery machine Try projects that are smaller first! SMALL: Applique Mug Rugs Pieced Mug Rugs Embroidered Mug Rugs Table Top Mini Quilts Individual embroidered quilt blocks
Medium: Bigger Embroidery Quilting Projects Placemats Table Runners Wall Hangings Door Quilts Larger: Baby Quilts Throw-sized Quilts That King Sized Bed Quilt you’ve been putting off ;-)

Embroidery designs for quilting
Built in designs on your machine
Using Pre-digitized “quilting” designs Edge to Edge,
specific blocks,
meandering stipples and motifs

Using Embroidery Machine SOFTWARE for Quilting
If you can draw lines in your software, then you can make your own QUILTING designs.
Sheila’s Preference: Embrilliance Essentials, Enthusiast, Stitch Artist

PE Design
Floriani Total Control
DIME Quilting Software (several modules)
Hatch by Wilcom - ESA blocks (these are BLOCKS, not edge to edge designs, but can be stretched in software as large as your hoop can be)

QUILT LABELS It’s REALLY important lately to document your process and using an embroidery machine to make quilt labels

  Things you need to know - what fabric/batting combination are you using? Cotton batting needs to be quilted more densely than polyester batting. How far apart can you make the “quilting stitches” through the quilt sandwich?

: How does your thread hold up to the quilting process? Rock Paper Scissors Game with Rayon, Cotton, and Polyester threads. Piecing - use cotton or polyester thread - a FINER thread will make a smoother finish Quilting - rayon thread if it’s never going to be washed. Cotton thread if the project MUST be 100% cotton (Quilter’s Select threads can be used in embroidery machines - bonus - the thinner thread is excellent in the bobbin if your machine requires thinner bobbin thread) Polyester - excellent durability for both piecing and quilting - strong, colorfast, washable, (Glide is my personal recommendation - plus it has matching bobbin colors!) Variegated thread is amazing as well!)

  As of the time of this class I have found ways to incorporate machine embroidery into all aspects of quilting except for the finishing (binding) step. There may yet be a way to figure out binding with embroidery machine technology, but until then it’s a good reminder that we all need to slow down a bit sometimes and spend time reflecting on life, the universe and everything. Finishing a quilting project, even one that you’ve constructed with lots of technology, means that you have participated in an amazing work and added beauty, warmth and LOVE into the world. If you have to stitch a little more slowly to accomplish the full finish of your project, it’s really ok! Give yourself the gift of TIME and love by slowing down a little bit and adding just a little more love into your project. There is NOTHING as wonderful as a quilt that you made. No matter how large or small. So get out there, use your embroidery machines to add beautiful embroidered elements to your quilts and make quilt magic happen in your life!

Books - Thomas Knauer - Why we Quilt  
Embroidery Software: Embrilliance Essentials, Enthusiast, Stitch Artist
 Brother Artspira: Brother PE Design
Magnetic Hoops: Single Needle Machine Brother Magnetic Hoops (from your local Brother dealer) Snap Monster from Dime
 Multi Needle Machines Magna Hoops Machine Specific Hoops from your dealer

Other tools to make life easier when quilting on your embroidery machine: DIME weightless quilter
 DIME Print and stick target paper

Embroidery Designs for All over Quilting: Amelie Scott Designs for Edge to Edge Quilting Find them at your local quilt shop or machine dealer Designs by Juju
Quilt piecing favorites of mine: Kate from the Last Homely House onYoutube Teresa Coates Crinkle Dreams Mirth Foundation Paper Pieced Mini Quilt

Further Quilting with your Embroidery Machine education Lisa Shaw - Sew Bubbles Alexis Galloway - Sew Sweet Academy Sheila Ryan - Designs by Babymoon Teachers: Sarah Vedeler - Meaning Of Life Embroidery Designs  DIME - Eileen Roche  Karlie Bell  Evy Hawkins  Your local sewing machine dealer is an amazing source for embroidery machine quilting support Local Quilt Guild Traditional Quilting or Modern Quilt Guild 

Here is the link to the slides for this presentation at Applique Getaway 2024:
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Other links:

Stabilizer Cheat Sheet
(may help with choosing stabilizer for your quilting projects)

Here is the link to the Quilted Make It Beautiful Mug Rug (it’s quilted so make it and call yourself a quilter!) Use code AGQUILT24 at checkout to make this design FREE in your cart:

Here is the link to Alexis Galloway’s My Pretty Planner, a digital download with printable pages so that you can make notes about your projects and stay organized with your machine embroidery journey:

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