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Passion for Patches AG 2024 Class List

Hello Friends!
It was so great to get to hang out with you during this year's Applique Getaway! Here is the LINK to download the slides of the presentation :  PRESENTATION SLIDES 
Here is the link to download a Resource Guide of the products and techniques we talked about in class: Resources and Class Notes

This is the link to the Hello My Name Is Patch to go straight to the product  - use the CODE in the SLIDES to get the design for FREE!  (Don't forget that this is a patch for VINYL, so once again, I'm breaking the rules we talked about at AG!) 


 I teach IN PERSON regularly at Grome's Sewing Machine Co. in Universal City, Texas (Northeast side of San Antonio)  Check out their Class List and come learn in person! We do all sorts of machine embroidery AND regular sewing classes

Please feel free to reach out with any questions at any time! It was such an honor to get to Practice and Play with you!