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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Babymoon? 
Hi, that’s me, Sheila! I’ve been sewing since I was very young and have been sewing professionally since 2004 and selling sewn goods online since 2006. I started doing machine embroidery in 2014 knowing that before I started I wanted to be digitizing my own embroidery designs. I love to create beautiful things. I have 9 amazing children, live in San Antonio, Texas, and I strive to run my business with integrity and in a manner that would make my family, friends and my Lord Jesus proud.

What kind of designs do you offer? 
Snap tab designs are my favorite, and I love creating designs especially for use with vinyl. There is no limit to what I can design, though, so you may be surprised to see a new material or technique being added to our listings. I’m continually learning more about how to push the limits of embroidery and look forward to seeing the varied directions we will go!

How are my files delivered to me? 

Your files are sent to you through an email link as soon as your payment has been processed by the website. You also receive a link on your screen as soon as the payment is complete where you can download from inside your account. Be sure that you are logged into your account on the Designs by Babymoon website with your correct contact information and email so that the system can get your links to you.  If for any reason you have trouble accessing your links to download, please send a message to info@designsbybabymoon.com and allow 48 hours for your request to be looked into. 

Do you take custom requests? 
Yes! I love custom design requests! Please send me an email at sheila@designsbybabymoon.com or PM me directly on FB for the quickest response. I take a great deal of pride in creating a custom design that only you will have the rights to.

Where can I find Babymoon Designs? 
You can visit the main website for ALL designs at www.designsbybabymoon.com or visit Etsy for a special selection of out favorites www.designsbybabymoon.etsy.com.  You may also see my designs at Embroidery Designer Mall www.embroiderydesignermall.com, and SWAK Embroidery www.swakembroidery.com

How do you handle refund requests? 

Due to the nature of embroidery software and digital designs, we do not offer refunds or exchanges. All designs have been tested and stitched a number of times prior to being offered for sale. Please contact us if you have an issue with using any of our designs by emailing info@DesignsbyBabymoon.com and allow 24-48 hours for a response.

What makes your designs different from others? 
I take a great deal of care in creating my designs. They are manually digitized, which means I use a special software that allows me to place each point and carefully adjust each stitch to be precisely where it needs to be. I test each design before offering it for sale and often use testers to help me troubleshoot designs and the instructions that I give to you. I also like to give you video and PDF instructions for the various kinds of designs I create for you. You can always reach out to me in the Facebook Group for help or by PM or even email. I want you to experience success with my designs and will work hard to help you get the expected results.

Why are the prices different on Etsy? 
Etsy costs more to use. It brings a nice steady stream of traffic, but that traffic isn’t cheap. To compensate for that, I will always let new customers of the main website get a 10% discount. The website offers a lot more benefits-it will send your files directly to your email, you will get updates if there is anything added to any design set, you have access to a larger array of our designs, and you get to be part of our fun mailing list.

Do you offer in-person classes? 
Yes! Please contact me at sheila@designsbybabymoon.com or PM me directly on FB to schedule something if you are in the area or to set up a virtual class over the internet OR a demo or class for your local quilt shop or guild! 

What is your favorite thread/stabilizer/machine/software?
This is tricky! Machine embroidery has such a wide range of goodies and techniques. I personally love ISACORD brand thread, or rather, my machines like it! I try different stabilizers frequently and use a variety of embroidery machines (currently I run three single needles at a time most days). Software has such a wide variety, too. It really depends on what you want to accomplish and how your brain works. I encourage you to experiment and try new things and new materials. A wise friend told me long ago to not worry about ruining fabric or wasting material because they will always make more!

Here is a list of my favorite Embroidery Supplies (includes affiliate links): Favorite Embroidery Supplies

Need more info? Follow me on Instagram at Instagram.com/designsbybabymoon, email me at info@designsbybabymoon.com or send me a PM on Facebook.