Amazon Goodies for Embroidery

I have a list of all kinds of things that I keep handy because sometimes having Amazon bring it to me is faster than me going around town to find stuff I need. Here's a great list of things that I regularly get from Amazon and some goodies that you may need to fill up your crafting supply inventory. These are Affiliate links, so I do get a very small commission for recommending them to you, but these are my favorites and I wanted to share!

New Brothread 63 color Set 500m spools

Lace Zippers 20 piece 12 inches

Thread art medium tearaway 8x8 sheets 100 pieces

Hot Fix Crystals with tweezers and sticky pencil

Jewelry Punch 1.8 mm hole

Hot fix crystal starter kit with a hot fix tool

Earwires - double J (or S style)

Jump Rings (with a set of nice pliers!)

Keychain, Zipper bag SHORT Tassels

Kam Snap Pliers starter Set

Kam Snaps Shape set

Hardware Organizer for snaps and key fob hardware

Brother PE 800

ThreadArt 100 yard roll tearaway stabilizer

Rivet Set

New Brothread Stabilizer cutaway 8x8


I hope you enjoy shopping for goodies to make embroidery fun and easy for you! It's a great time to be around when Amazon can get these things to us so quickly!  


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  • Thanks for this list! I haven’t clicked all of the links, but when I clicked the first one (for Brothread 63 colors), a “you’re leaving Facebook” page appeared. I’m guessing the link you used to create the Amazon link began as a link on FB. To avoid that, start on, then go to the product page and create an Amazon shortcut link.


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