Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale!

It may be the biggest shopping day of the year for many, but for makers it starts the busiest making season of the year!  We have some surprises for you starting 11/22 through midnight CST 11/26!  Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale is customizable to your needs!  

Here are the special codes we’ve created for you! 

BlackFriday50 gets 50% off $40+


BlackFriday30 gets 30% off $25-39.99


BlackFriday25 gets 25% off $10-24.99


BlackFriday20 gets 20% off $9.99 or less 


Enter the code you want to use at the checkout screen and your files will be emailed to you automatically! 


Enjoy stitching out beautiful embroidery designs as gifts, for your holiday craft shows, or for your own enjoyment!  


Dont forget to join our Facebook group so you can share your stitch outs, be the first to hear about new designs and get inspiration for your next project!



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