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How to make a Snap Tab (Very Simple!)

These are very simple steps for making your own In the Hoop Snap Tab embroidery design project! 

All the steps for each snap tab are basically the same, so here are some simple steps.

  • If your design needs a name or other lettering, in your Embroidery Software, add a name, number or other lettering using a 1\4" or 1/2" embroidery alphabet font or a 1" circle monogram embroidery font. Save your design and transfer to embroidery machine. 
  • Hoop medium tear away stabilizer.
  • Run Placement Stitches on stabilizer only. 
  • Float material for the front of your tag.
  • Run the middles of the design - steps in colors that contrast nicely with your material.
  • Float material for the back of your tag on the back of your hoop with either tape or a embroidery adhesive. 
  • Stitch the final outline, which encloses all the stitching inside the tag leaving a perfect finish.  Use the same color as you did for the lettering, the same color as the material, or something completely different for a fun look!
  • Remove from hoop and trim around the outline - leave about 1/8" or 1/16" when you trim.  Go slowly and use nice long cuts for the best look. 
  • Add kam snaps or rivets, then attach your tag to the hardware you choose. You can use a key ring for a fob with a small  lobster clasp.
  • All done! 

Here is a fun video on how to make your own snap tab if video is easier for you to follow along with:


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