Stabilizers Simplified

Here is a neat little Cheat Sheet that I created for you to help you understand all the different types of stabilizers.  For a new embroidery machine owner the choices in stabilizer can be overwhelming and the feelings of panic about which stabilizer is the correct one to choose can set in quickly. 
Sheila Ryan showing some great tearaway stabilizer that is available at Click the picture to visit Gromes on the web!
I hope that this simple guide can be a helpful starting point to understanding the differences in various stabilizers and get you feeling confident enough to tackle most any embroidery project! Stabilizer selection from Grome's Sewing Machine Company in Universal City, Texas. Visit to shop stabilizers and more!
Generous stabilizer selection at Grome's Sewing Machine Company in Universal City, Texas.  All photos shot on location and graciously provided by Grome's.

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