Stay Home and Craft

Stay Home and Craft


What do you when you are stuck at home? Crafters have lots of ideas! Over in the Designs by Babymoon Friends and Fans group we’ve had a lot of discussion about what we can do without going out. This IS the reason right here that we’ve been holding on to craft supplies!!

Add your ideas to this list and let’s help the non-crafters learn how we use our secret “craft therapy” tools to get through anxious times!

Here’s are my top ten crafts to do while stick at home:
1) Embroider ALL the things! Just start with your own bath and kitchen towels as practice!
2) Start a quilt. Youtube is FULL of amazing instructional videos for quilting. I’m a huge fan of Missouri Quilt Co.
3) Attack that stack of mending. I know I know— it’s not fun, but if you have all this time you could knock that out!
4) Learn the features of your embroidery machine that you haven’t explored yet!
5) Crochet some granny squares! Even if you don’t make an entire afghan you still end up with cool trivets for your table!
6) Try a new embroidery project! Zipper Bags or other In The Hoop Projects, Mylar embroidery, or stitching on purses or backpacks. What don’t you already know how to do?
7)Organize your sewing stash. What do you really have in that big pile?
8 )Learn that embroidery software! Do you know the details in combining letters for monogramming? Have you tried all the buttons in there to see what they do?
9)Pull our unwanted material and supplies to share with a younger crafter and help build their stash
10)Teach someone else something. Are there children off of school in your home? Give those idle hands done fabric and thread and see what happens!

We crafters have incredible tools at our disposal. How are you going to use them to make your world a more beautiful place? #stayhomeandcraft

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